By Team Member | July 27, 2020

Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For Tree Removal?

Hi. I’m Jamie with Insurance Connection. I’ve had several people call the office and ask if they have coverage for tree removal. It’s been pretty windy here in central Nebraska, and it’s been causing a lot of damage to our trees and lots of limbs down and things like that. The question again, is is that going to be a paid as a covered loss?
What has to happen is that the tree has to fall due to a covered peril such as wind, or even the weight the snow and ice can be a covered peril as well. And then the next thing that has to happen is that it has to cause damage to a structure or personal property or block the access to the home. For example, if a tree does fall on your garage or fence or blocks your driveway, there likely is to be coverage under your homeowners policy for the debris and cleanup removal of the tree. But if it just falls into your backyard and does no structural damage or any damage to any personal property, there would likely not be any coverage for that, and you as the homeowner would be responsible for the cleanup and debris removal of the tree at that point.
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