By Team Member | September 24, 2020

Why Life Insurance Is Important?

Hi, I’m Jamie with Insurance Connection. Let’s talk about why life insurance is important. Life insurance is important because it leaves your family non-taxable money when you are gone. It can be used to help pay for student loans for your children. It can be used to pay off your mortgage or even car loans. It is really important to have life insurance for your family to continue to live the life that they’ve always lived, even if you are gone. Another important reason to get life insurance outside of the workplace is because it follows you. It’s with you forever. And if you quit the job, you may no longer be able to qualify for that life insurance through your workplace. But if you get life insurance independently through an insurance agent, such as ourselves, then that will follow with you and carry with you even if you are no longer employed. I hope that helps answer your question about why life insurance is important. We hope to see you soon. Thanks.

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