By Jon W. Sostad | October 30, 2018

Why Get Homeowners Insurance?

Hi, I’m Jamie with Insurance Connection. I’m here to talk to you today about why it is important to get homeowner’s insurance. Getting homeowner’s insurance makes people feel secure, protects them against lawsuits, and is necessary to provide the financial resources to help do repairs, or replace the home or belongings in the event of a loss.
Homeowner’s insurance could be the best thing that you’ll buy with the hope that you’ll never have to use it. You may also need it because, let’s face it, your mortgage company requires it. Mortgage lenders require that homeowners obtain adequate insurance before funding a loan. Because banks and other lending institutions typically put up 80% of a home’s value in cash, they insist that those receiving the money insure the investment.
Insurance experts inspect properties for general upkeep before issuing policies and also help to determine the level of coverage needed. If you are one of those lucky individuals that no longer has a mortgage, it is still important for you to protect your home in the event of a loss while ensuring you and your family’s financial security is being protected.
Basic homeowners policies cover damage to the home caused by fire, vandalism, lightening and other specifically covered events. They also cover loss or damage of personal property due to the theft or other covered events. Expensive collections of jewelry or firearms might need to be scheduled on a policy with additional coverage to ensure that they are covered in the event of loss.
Policies also cover liability up to certain limits protecting you in case someone injures him or herself on your property or if someone sues you. I am here to talk to you about protecting what you have worked so hard to provide.
Let’s talk today about insuring your home to ensure that you are protected.