By Jon W. Sostad | October 30, 2018

Why Get Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Hi this is Jon, and I just wanted to get together with you today regarding the most Googled question saying, “Why do I need full coverage insurance on my auto?” Well, liability only is considered bodily injury, property damage, uninsured, and under insured motorists, and medical payments. And full coverage is really not a coverage but I know when somebody comes in and they ask for full coverage they want liability plus comp and collision because comp and collision covers your vehicle. Comprehensive covers wind, hail, deer, things like that. Collision is anything that you collide with or somebody that collides with you. So, basically one of the main reasons you want want to get comp and collision on your vehicle is if you have a loan on it. So, the lien holder will require that you get comp and collision and they are listed on your policy as a lien holder. So, if something were to happen and a check was cut from the company they would be on it so it would guarantee that the repairs would be made and their interests would be protected. So, and that would happen until you get the car paid off and you have the title.

Now, you can continue to carry comp and collision coverages even though you don’t have a loan if you want to protect your interests if something were to happen to the vehicle, it gets stolen, has hail damage, you want to get the repair done all you’d have to do is come up with your deductible if you had full coverage on it, comp and collision. So, my rule of thumb is anything over 10 to 15 years old you want to kind of look at your comp and collision coverages because sometimes you’re paying more premium than the car is worth. So, you want to check that out. If you have any questions about that we can sure help you out. Give us a call at the office. Thank you.