By Team Member | October 21, 2020

What does Agents of Change mean?

Hi, I’m Jamie with Insurance Connection, and my topic for this month is to talk to guys about Agents of Change and what does the Agents of Change Program mean?
Well, here at Insurance Connection, we are Agents of Change. We’re banning together to help financially support an organization or a family in need. And we kind of have a soft spot in our hearts for families battling cancer, and so we have some flyers that we have at the Insurance Connection offices that the talk about what the Agents of Change means.
And so for this quarter, we are actually supporting The GRACE Foundation. The GRACE Foundation is in Grand Island, Nebraska, and they financially support families with cancer, effects going on and they need help with medical bills, or gas cards, or food, or different things while their families are going through the treatment or their loved one is going through a treatment.
We are asking for all of our customers to band together and help us support The GRACE Foundation. What that means is that you can go to our website at and you could submit on our referral program to give us names and email addresses or phone numbers of your family and friends. And for every name that you give us and we provide a no obligation quote, we will donate $10 to The GRACE Foundation in your name, so that’s really cool. It’s an awesome thing that you don’t have to actually give us any money for it and your friends don’t have to give us any money for it, and we actually will give $10 to this awesome foundation in Grand Island to support local families in need.
If you have any more questions, let us know. And we look forward to hearing from you guys and getting your referrals. Have a great day.

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