Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Information for Riders

Motorcycle insurance covers motorcycle owners while they’re on the road. If your state requires car insurance, then it likely also requires motorcycle insurance. That means you’ll need to at least have liability to ride your bike legally on public roads. The good thing is that choosing motorcycle coverage is easy. Policies have premiums that vary depending on which type of policy you’ve chosen. And choosing a higher deductible significantly lowers premium payments.

You can pay your premiums every month or pay one lump sum for the year. And as long as your policy is paid, you can file a claim should the need arise. The insurance company will need to verify your claim before they issue a payment.

What Does Coverage Include?
Bodily injury and property damage compensates you for costs associated with injuring other people. It also pays for property damage that you cause. Personal injury handles costs arising from injuries suffered by you the policyholder. Medical coverage pays for medical care that is required because of the accident. It also provides for the medical expenses of your passengers.

If you choose comprehensive coverage, then the payout can possibly pay for a new motorcycle if yours is destroyed or stolen. It also can pay for parts and repairs for your motorcycle. And towing and roadside assistance coverage helps with things such as tows and tire changes.

Speak with an insurance agent today to inquire about motorcycle insurance. If you don’t have it already, then you certainly need it. And if you do have a policy, now is a good time to check it and see exactly what’s covered.