By Team Member | January 30, 2020

Our Agency is Raising Funds to Help Local Grandmother Battling Cancer

Hi friends. I’m coming to you today as an Agent of Change. I’m sporting my Agents of Change t-shirt today and I am asking for your help. We have a local grandmother who is battling cancer and she is a dear friend to many of you. She’s a sister, she’s a mother, she’s a grandmother, she’s a wife, she’s a friend and her name is Lorie Stahl. So Lorie Stahl is from Carney and again she is going through cancer and we would like to help support her and her family and need you to assist us with that. So what we can do together, team up and you send us your referrals. For each name that you give us a business, a friend, a family or yourself, we’re going to donate $10 in your name to the Stahl family. So what you could do is send us 10 names. All you have to do is go to our website, Facebook page, shoot me an email, call the office and every name that you give us, we’re going to give again $10 to the Stahl family. So for 10 names it’s 100 bucks in your name going to that family in needs. So please, please, please, I’m begging for your help. Send us your names and we will get some donations going to the Stahl family. Thank you guys and have a great day.