By Jon W. Sostad | November 8, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Inland Flood Insurance!

Speaker 1: Hi guys. I wanted to talk to you today about a new product that was recently launched by Auto Owners. It’s called inland flood. Why do you need inland flood coverage? What is it for? And what’s covered? So let’s talk about that. The inland flood coverage endorsement is designed specifically for policy holders in low to moderate flood zones. Previously, coverage with the National Flood Insurance Program was extremely costly for these areas due to the high limits, surcharges and exclusions for common expenses and exposures that you may have had. Why do you need this coverage? It provides a broader definition for the flood coverage and contains less restrictions than the National Flood Insurance Program had. It covers personal property in the basement, and loss of use that it was previously excluded by the National Flood Insurance Program. What is an inland flood? Well, let’s talk about that. We recently had these disasters in our area in March and July. When inland waters such as streams or rivers overflow and partially or completely cover normally dry land, that would be considered an inland flood.
Unusual or rapid rain accumulations, or runoff or snow melt that doesn’t drain away or soak into the ground can also lead to inland flood. What’s covered? Your buildings, your contents, including those things in the basement, additional living expenses so you can go to a rental while your home is being repaired, debris removal and property relocation to a safe area. How do you get inland flood? Just give us a call. We would be happy to quote that on your existing Auto Owners home or renter’s policy. The best thing for you is we will be giving away this Auto Owners umbrella to keep you safe from the waters. Give us a call, like us on Facebook, share and we will be doing the drawing. Thank you. Have a good day.