Young Hard-Working Mother of Three Needs Help

It was confirmed. Sara, a hard-working mother, and member of our community, at 30 years old had a stroke. Sara does not smoke, works out regularly, rarely drinks and at 30 years old she ended her 2018 and began 2019 in a hospital bed. At Insurance Connection, Inc, we feel it is our duty to provide hope and relief for members of our community experiencing a tough time. That’s why we will be working to raise funds and awareness in support of Sara & her family.

Our agency sees it as our mission to champion the well-being of children and families suffering from debilitating illnesses and medical conditions here in our community. This campaign, we are raising funds and awareness for a local family here in the Grand Island community. No family should experience the hardship of having a parent in the hospital. We want to lead a campaign in central Nebraska aimed to provide hope and support for Sara, her husband Justin, and her beautiful family.

“Our agency has long been committed to improving the health and well-being of our community, and during this campaign, we are using a referral and rewards program to help build a network of support in our area and extend a helping hand,” said agency owner and CEO Jon Sostad.

Learn more about Sara & donate directly, here: